Sticker Wall – Creating holo effect in SwiftUI ✨There were so many tiny things to consider when creating the holo effect, that I truly believe these details would have been impossible to prepare for in Sketch or Figma. Details such as: - using an additional dynamic white sparkle layer to create a compelling holo effect - reacting to pitch/roll changes relative to various device positions (e.g. in hand, on table, etc.) - resetting motion values when the device rests for more than 2 seconds with minimal motion - keeping battery and performance in mind - providing "dev/config" controls in context to tweak values just to feel right Hope you'll find this post interesting! 🙌 #swiftui #concept #stickers


CTC#001 – "Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde"Lately, I’ve felt kinda stuck by sticking to just a handful of brand typefaces when working on projects for my regular clients. Therefore, I've started to create a series of website hero designs using recently discovered typefaces, purely for enjoyment and to hone my skills in utilizing captivating fonts across various styles. My aim is to design 100 website heroes, each paying homage to classic albums that hold a special place in my heart. #webdesign #ui

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