CTC#001 – "Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde"Lately, I’ve felt kinda stuck by sticking to just a handful of brand typefaces when working on projects for my regular clients. Therefore, I've started to create a series of website hero designs using recently discovered typefaces, purely for enjoyment and to hone my skills in utilizing captivating fonts across various styles. My aim is to design 100 website heroes, each paying homage to classic albums that hold a special place in my heart. #webdesign #ui

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Bento Design for SaaS WebsiteFeature Blocks: Quick Summaries: Provides industry insights in one place, encouraging users to build upon existing knowledge. Manage Your Wallets: Offers analytic reports and smart notifications for informed decision-making. More Source: Encourages exploration and learning. Statistics Section: Positioned to the right, it showcases impressive stats to build credibility. Perspective: The design prioritizes readability, user engagement, and brand identity. Remember, as a UI/UX designer, user-centricity and intuitive navigation are paramount. These screens aim to empower users while maintaining a visually appealing experience. 🚀#web #product #bento

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Huis van het Boek logoIn The Hague, you'll find a hidden gem for book enthusiasts: 'Huis van het Boek,' which translates to 'House of the Book.' The brand has been distilled to its core resulting in a self-explanatory logo that has given it a fitting, contemporary appearance.


LogoArchiveI've been involved in building resources for designers since 2011, first with BP&O and later with LogoArchive. LogoArchive is the one I'm most proud of, and humbled to have so many support the project. In short, I wanted to build an archive of historical logos, the biggest online. I've been scanning and digitising these for years, and now have a platform to add these to. Working with logos has had a profound impact on the way I design client logos. I believe that a designer immersing themselves in timeless logos like these will improve. Small caveat. To build something of this scale and over a decade requires a huge effort and resources. It is funded by our generous subscribers, whom allow me to make this full time job. I publish a lot of free stuff on social for anyone that needs inspiration for free. #logos #branding #design