Brutal finance trackerCheck out our latest brainchild, the "Finance Tracker" app. This isn't your average budgeting tool—it's a design concept crafted in Figma and animated with Jitter, built to do more than just monitor your stash. It’s here to push your financial goals from dreams to reality with an interface so slick, it'll make your bank account look good. #web #fintech #appdesign


Settings Page for Mobile App - Lokie App◑ Design Elements: Clean Layout: The screens maintain a clean and organized layout, ensuring clarity and ease of use. Consistent Typography: The use of consistent fonts and font sizes enhances readability. Iconography: Icons represent various settings and categories, aiding quick recognition. Color Scheme: The light mode employs a soft color palette, reducing eye strain. #appdesign #figma #settings

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Session Brand Identity BentoSession is an upcoming fitness app that will revolutionize how people exercise. The goal is to make your workouts more productive and effective with 20-30-minute sessions. All exercises are designed using body weight and basic equipment only. Based on your feedback, the app uses an AI system to create workout plans designed specifically for you.​​​​​​​ #logo #branding #appdesign

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