Victor Weiss


Brand, UI, Packaging, in Blumenau

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Birdie's Dev AgencyBirdies is a development agency owned by a couple. The brand is called Birdie's, inspired by how they met (playing golf). In golf, a "birdie" is a score achieved by finishing a hole one stroke under par. The idea was to use the classic "<>", a symbol of development, to create a pair of birds, utilizing negative space.

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OmertáIn the dimly lit, labyrinthine streets of an old Sicilian village, whispers of a sacred vow swirled through the air like the smoke from a clandestine cigar. This vow, known as Omertá, was a code of silence, an unspoken pact among the members of a secretive brotherhood, binding them in loyalty and secrecy. To break Omertá was to invite dishonor, and in the shadowy world of these sworn men, silence was a currency more valuable than gold. Fast forward to the modern-day hustle of the city's business district, where the essence of this ancient code has been reborn in a different guise. Here, Omertá stands as a beacon of exclusivity and sophistication, but not in the underworld's cloak and dagger. Instead, it manifests as an elite business lounge and smokers' club, accessible only by invitation. Nestled discreetly within a high-rise, Omertá is a haven for the discerning elite.