Surfline WidgetSurfline is the bread and butter of a Surfer's life. It's a tool to views reports on the waves and see live footage. Their current widget is a static report, but what if they could show the live video on your home page. Probably not realistic, but this is a fun idea I put together for the heck of it. #productdesign #widget #ux


Leonardo Almeida - VIsual identityLeonardo Almeida is a traffic manager specializing in helping his clients effectively reach their target audience in the digital environment. In a market filled with professionals offering similar services, Leo's unique differential is his own persona. Transforming Leonardo Almeida into the brand's main asset is a strategy aimed at establishing a strong market reference. By incorporating elements of streetwear, the brand not only promotes products but also becomes an extension of Leo's personality. This unique approach allows the audience to deeply identify with the brand, creating an authentic and lasting connection. #branding #logo #visualidentity

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Bento Design for SaaS WebsiteFeature Blocks: Quick Summaries: Provides industry insights in one place, encouraging users to build upon existing knowledge. Manage Your Wallets: Offers analytic reports and smart notifications for informed decision-making. More Source: Encourages exploration and learning. Statistics Section: Positioned to the right, it showcases impressive stats to build credibility. Perspective: The design prioritizes readability, user engagement, and brand identity. Remember, as a UI/UX designer, user-centricity and intuitive navigation are paramount. These screens aim to empower users while maintaining a visually appealing experience. 🚀#web #product #bento

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Session Brand Identity BentoSession is an upcoming fitness app that will revolutionize how people exercise. The goal is to make your workouts more productive and effective with 20-30-minute sessions. All exercises are designed using body weight and basic equipment only. Based on your feedback, the app uses an AI system to create workout plans designed specifically for you.​​​​​​​ #logo #branding #appdesign

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