Ongaku SoundsTired of perfection and itching to do something fun and meaningful for ourselves, Oriana Gaeta and I have embarked on a music and art direction focused little project, old camcorder in hand and silly little concepts in our brains, we called it Ongaku (literally music in Japanese).

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Brutal finance trackerCheck out our latest brainchild, the "Finance Tracker" app. This isn't your average budgeting tool—it's a design concept crafted in Figma and animated with Jitter, built to do more than just monitor your stash. It’s here to push your financial goals from dreams to reality with an interface so slick, it'll make your bank account look good. #web #fintech #appdesign


Sticker Wall – Creating holo effect in SwiftUI ✨There were so many tiny things to consider when creating the holo effect, that I truly believe these details would have been impossible to prepare for in Sketch or Figma. Details such as: - using an additional dynamic white sparkle layer to create a compelling holo effect - reacting to pitch/roll changes relative to various device positions (e.g. in hand, on table, etc.) - resetting motion values when the device rests for more than 2 seconds with minimal motion - keeping battery and performance in mind - providing "dev/config" controls in context to tweak values just to feel right Hope you'll find this post interesting! 🙌 #swiftui #concept #stickers


Proximity menu conceptThe best click is no click. Before you say it, yes, I know this would make the area under the menu unusable. No it will not work for mobile. This is a desktop app that where that area is void of anything. This would be used as a secondary navigation, primary is a different, keyboard centric element. The goal is to not have navigation take up visual noise, so the content of the app can be focused on. Still debating using this, but I think if done correctly it could work well.




Radinol concept sketchI've always aspired to have my own radio show, and this was a fun, quick exploration of what that could look like visually. While I'm not sure if this is the final design, I liked it enough to share.