Graphite Logo Exploration #2An open-source and free design software made by very passionate volunteers. Similar to my first iteration, I decided on a slightly more abstract approach. I "carved" the pencil out of the hexagon. I think this makes for a really nice logomark/app icon! What do you all think?

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Graphite Logo ExplorationAn open-source and free design software made by very passionate volunteers. For this #logo , I wanted to nod to Graphite’s roots. The current logo features a pencil, which is a big favorite among the folks who contribute to the software. So, I made sure to keep that iconic pencil in my design by giving it a little twist. By playing with negative space, I not only kept the pencil but also introduced a node, which is a key part of Graphite’s features.

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Settings Page for Mobile App - Lokie App◑ Design Elements: Clean Layout: The screens maintain a clean and organized layout, ensuring clarity and ease of use. Consistent Typography: The use of consistent fonts and font sizes enhances readability. Iconography: Icons represent various settings and categories, aiding quick recognition. Color Scheme: The light mode employs a soft color palette, reducing eye strain. #appdesign #figma #settings

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The Darkside of CMD ⌘Because light coexists harmoniously with darkness, neither can exist without the presence of its counterpart. This phenomenon becomes a fundamental component of universal equilibrium, integrating itself deeply into the very essence of existence. Here I share with you the Dark version of my Mac keyboard CMD icon, completely made in Figma.

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