Synth - AI SaaS Design Brandkit (Light)This kit is designed for startups or individuals looking to launch or refresh their brand with a sleek, professional minimal look. This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to establish your brand's presence. Preview full kit: www.capslock.design/brand-kits/synth-light _________________________ What's Inside: Website designed in Figma Developed in Framer Pitch Deck Client Onboarding Doc Letter Head Business Card Social Media Covers Brand Guide _________________________ Kit Features: Light Theme Minimal Design 100% Customizable Just Change Content Professionally Designed _________________________ If you need any help along the way, just reach out to me at: hey@capslock.design


The Darkside of CMD ⌘Because light coexists harmoniously with darkness, neither can exist without the presence of its counterpart. This phenomenon becomes a fundamental component of universal equilibrium, integrating itself deeply into the very essence of existence. Here I share with you the Dark version of my Mac keyboard CMD icon, completely made in Figma.

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Brutal finance trackerCheck out our latest brainchild, the "Finance Tracker" app. This isn't your average budgeting tool—it's a design concept crafted in Figma and animated with Jitter, built to do more than just monitor your stash. It’s here to push your financial goals from dreams to reality with an interface so slick, it'll make your bank account look good. #web #fintech #appdesign


Settings Page for Mobile App - Lokie App◑ Design Elements: Clean Layout: The screens maintain a clean and organized layout, ensuring clarity and ease of use. Consistent Typography: The use of consistent fonts and font sizes enhances readability. Iconography: Icons represent various settings and categories, aiding quick recognition. Color Scheme: The light mode employs a soft color palette, reducing eye strain. #appdesign #figma #settings

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Sticker Wall – Creating holo effect in SwiftUI ✨There were so many tiny things to consider when creating the holo effect, that I truly believe these details would have been impossible to prepare for in Sketch or Figma. Details such as: - using an additional dynamic white sparkle layer to create a compelling holo effect - reacting to pitch/roll changes relative to various device positions (e.g. in hand, on table, etc.) - resetting motion values when the device rests for more than 2 seconds with minimal motion - keeping battery and performance in mind - providing "dev/config" controls in context to tweak values just to feel right Hope you'll find this post interesting! 🙌 #swiftui #concept #stickers


The Lightside of CMDProject about the key that differentiates two systems, but has a very interesting background, the symbol used to enter commands in macOS operating systems. I guess you could say it’s one of the most important keys on the keyboard, and in fact the most representative of all the keys on a macOS keyboard. Project all done in Figma.

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Energy pillThis project has been a fun endeavor, entirely made in Figma. I've used all the available effects and shapes to reach the desired finish. Every step I took in this project has been a complete learning process. The truth is, I've learned a lot while doing it. So, what do you think of the result? I would love to hear your opinion. #figma #illustration #visualdesign

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