Design Dissolve | Symbol ConstructionThe Keep Up Agency logo was developed with the aim of representing the strategic stages of the agency's services. The symbol is made up of three arrows that form a figure similar to a target, symbolizing the setting of goals and obtaining results. Each arrow represents a key element: strategies, tactics and objectives, culminating in a central target that illustrates the focus on results and success. The sans-serif typography chosen for the logo complements the symbol, ensuring a timeless and balanced appearance.

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Today's Design logoGreat to see a new site enter the fray. To celebrate the inauguration of the site, I'll evaluate its logo. I can see what @giel is attempting to do here with the logo, turn the "today" into a sort of implicit UI element in the form of a day indicator. I observe that he wants to center the circle with the x-height, in that the evenness of the height lends itself to the centered red indicator. But day indicators of this sort, especially in this context would seem to call for title case or sentence case. Moreover, elsewhere in the UI, headings set in PP Editorial New are set in sentence case. In this subtle revision, I've cleaned up the kerning, adopted title case, and used a matching ellipse rather than a standard circle, which comes off as somewhat generic. Most importantly, I've used a curly quote rather than the straight quote used which is an incorrect usage, and curly quotes look more elegant to boot. Cheers to Giel on the launch.

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Voyager Icon SetI needed icons for a project, but none that I could find scratched my itch. Some did, but the sets were incomplete at best. So, I decided to try and start making my own! Has been quite a journey so far, I have been enjoying the minutia a lot more than I anticipated, even if it's frustrating at times.

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Settings Page for Mobile App - Lokie App◑ Design Elements: Clean Layout: The screens maintain a clean and organized layout, ensuring clarity and ease of use. Consistent Typography: The use of consistent fonts and font sizes enhances readability. Iconography: Icons represent various settings and categories, aiding quick recognition. Color Scheme: The light mode employs a soft color palette, reducing eye strain. #appdesign #figma #settings

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