Eindsprint — Exam training detailpageIt's time for the final exams again! For some, it's a breeze, for others, a massive challenge. With Eindsprint, you can confidently approach your final exams. Eindsprint assists students in passing their final exams by offering exam training. I helped Eindsprint optimize the search and booking process for exam training. In doing so, I worked on improving the training detail page and overhauled the ordering process. Eindsprint provides exercises and trainings to equip you for success in your final exams. Eindsprint already helped more than 10.000 students!


OpslanHi all 👋, I wanted to share Opslan, a bookmarking app I designed a while ago to help you easily save and rediscover websites that inspire you. It never saw the light, but I still feel it could be relevant. As a designer, I aimed to create a tool that combines a visually appealing interface with powerful search capabilities. With Opslan, you can archive your favorite sites and keep them well-organized for future reference, all without the clutter of traditional bookmarks. #web #website


Instant searchWherever you are on the platform, just hit CMD+K on your keyboard—go ahead, try it now! The search box will appear instantly. Start typing, and it will quickly filter through hashtags and members. If you’re looking for posts, simply hit enter to see an overview feed with all the relevant posts. #search #updates #cmdk Powered by the fast and composable unstyled command menu from @paco – visit cmdk.paco.me

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