Brand Designer in Amsterdam

Often seen smiling, bursting with limitless energy, and deeply committed to his passion for design.


Direct MessagingI'm excited to introduce Direct Messaging on todays.design, bringing a new level of connection to our community! The new messaging feature allows you to communicate securely with other members, right here on the platform. Share personal details and ideas freely, knowing that your communications are for your eyes only. Your messages are encrypted at rest and never leave todays.design, ensuring your conversations remain private and protected. Read the complete announcement at: todays.design/updates #updates #web #messaging

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OpslanHi all 👋, I wanted to share Opslan, a bookmarking app I designed a while ago to help you easily save and rediscover websites that inspire you. It never saw the light, but I still feel it could be relevant. As a designer, I aimed to create a tool that combines a visually appealing interface with powerful search capabilities. With Opslan, you can archive your favorite sites and keep them well-organized for future reference, all without the clutter of traditional bookmarks. #web #website